The Need for Single Adult Ministries

In 2014, statistics stated that 50.2 percent of adult Americans are single. There are many reasons why that percentage is so high but one thing is certain, the single adult is not alone.

Single Adult Ministries is on the rise in every denomination in America. Why, you may ask?

1. It allows the church to fulfill its primary mission.

The church’s mission is to reach the lost and to disciple them after they reach them. If 50.2 percent of the adult population is single, then it leads me to estimate that the percentage of singles visiting our churches is around the same or higher (many people turn to God in times of distress). It is also common knowledge that in order to keep visitors coming back, we must connect with them. The strongest connections take place when a person comes in contact with someone who has common interests/issues.

2. It provides a ministry of healing in times of tragedy.

One of the most crucial times in a person’s spiritual life is when they are faced with tragic loss.   Even some of the most seasoned saints have walked away from God while going through or soon after a death/divorce. Having someone to talk to confidentially who has been through their grief can help them understand what they are feeling and can guide them through the process. Most of all, having someone share their testimony of God’s provision, comfort, care and never ending love, can make a difference in not only the single’s life, but also their families. Remember, a single parent at risk means their children are at risk.

3. It helps singles adults define or redefine their identity.

The adult who is single after years of marriage has to redefine who they are. Their identity was linked to their spouse. If they were involved in ministry with their spouse, they may have to give that ministry to another couple and find a place where they can be used effectively in another area. They are often learning how to live on a smaller income and may not be able to give financially like they have in the past. For those that were very generous givers, it is discouraging to no longer have that option.

4. It helps the church to retain young single adults.

The “never married single” that has aged out of the Youth group is at risk of leaving the church to find a mate. More often than not, the outcome in this situation is not desirable.

5. It provides single adults with companionship and a place to belong.

The single adult needs fellowship. We all want to feel like we belong and most everyone wants companionship (not necessarily a spouse). Have you ever been on vacation by yourself? Have you ever eaten dinner at a restaurant alone? Have you ever gone to a social event, even at church, where the attendees are all couples or families? This is not a choice or rare occurrence, but the common situation for singles.

So you see, contrary to popular belief, Singles Ministry is not about dating or finding a mate. It’s about having a place to belong, making lasting friendships, encouraging those who are facing similar struggles and finding a place of ministry in the Kingdom of God.


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